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Step into our unique Mongolian dining experience. Our yurt, a traditional nomadic dwelling, is a symbol of Mongolian culture and hospitality. As the only Mongolian restaurant in Canberra, we're proud to offer an experience you won't find anywhere else in Australia.

Outside picture of the Naadam Restaurant. Yurt with open door dine in experience
Picture of the inside Yurt in Naadam Restaurant
Set table for dinner in Yurt at Naadam Restaurant
Outside look of Yurt in Naadam Restaurant

Seating up to 16 people, the yurt provides an intimate setting for gatherings, celebrations, and cultural exploration. Adorned with authentic Mongolian patterns, every inch exudes the spirit of the steppes. Dine in this distinctive space and you'll feel like you've been transported to Mongolia itself. It's more than a meal; it's a journey.

Outside picture of Yurt / Ger in Naadam Restaurant
Panoramic view of the inside Mongolian Yurt in Naadam Restaurant
Inside of the yurt in Naadam Restaurant set for dinner service

While we don't have scheduled events in the yurt just yet, keep an eye on our updates. We might have some special experiences coming your way.

The yurt experience is an integral part of our mission to bring Mongolia closer to you. Immerse yourself in our rich culture, taste the flavors of the steppes, and discover the heart of Mongolia right here in Canberra.

Picture of Chingiss Khan in Yurt in Mongolian Naadam Restaurant
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