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In 2022, we kicked off this adventure with one big idea: to introduce Mongolia to the world through its amazing food and vibrant culture. Our team came together out of pure love for our country and a desire to share the incredible diversity of our cuisine. We want to blend modern culinary flair with the time-honoured cooking methods, all in one spot, to give people a taste of what Mongolian food truly is today. We're putting our hearts into making our restaurant a place where every guest not only enjoys Mongolian dishes but also gets swept up in a unique cultural experience that'll leave them blown away.

One of the first group images of the team Naadam Mongolian Restaurant and Heesco the mural painter


Welcome to our Open Kitchen, where we blend the artistry of Mongolian cuisine with the freshest, healthiest ingredients. Our chef-curated menu celebrates the essence of each season with handcrafted dishes straight from our dynamic kitchen. Explore our flavourful offerings and secure a reservation for an exceptional dining experience infused with the rich flavours of Mongolia!

Khuushuur plated for our lunch menu
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