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The Story of Naadam Restaurant: Starting a Business with a Shared Vision

Updated: Jan 29

Sometimes, chance encounters can lead to unexpected opportunities. This was the case for Mugi, Gerel and Ganby, who met by coincidence when Ganby and Gerel were searching for a location to open his own restaurant and coffee shop with Daria, a talented chef who moved to Canberra recently. The owner of the Italian restaurant where Mugi worked mentioned that he had started his business with a Mongolian man, and Ganby reached out to him.

Despite a rocky start to their first phone call, the three hit it off and met to discuss their shared passion for food and entrepreneurship. They realized that they shared the same vision and goals for opening a Mongolian restaurant in Canberra.

Together, the Three of them worked tirelessly to turn their shared dream into a reality and opened Naadam Restaurant.

While the initial idea for the restaurant came from Mugi, Gerel and Ganby, they attribute the success of their business to the joint efforts of all four team members. Each person brings unique skills and experiences to the table, making Naadam a truly collaborative effort.

Starting a business is never easy, but when you find the right people who share your vision and passion, anything is possible. Naadam Restaurant is proof of this, and the team looks forward to continuing to grow and innovate in the Canberra food scene.

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